Our Mission

mySomeday.com launched in 2009 as the first social-goal achievement platform that helped people  plan and achieve all of their Someday goals.  The site works by providing tools that let you break down goals into manageable, proven step-by-step plans that allow you to visually track your progress and share your progress with supporters.  We also match you with other users by interest and location.  mySomeday aims to give everyone a clear shot at success.

By 2018, over 160,000 Somedays have been planned and over 45,000 Somedays had been achieved.  

We plan to continue to do so on our new mobile application that will launch in Fall 2019.

Why It Works

Studies have shown that publicly sharing your aspirations with a positive support network greatly increases your chances for success.  Productivity experts have established that dividing any goal into specific, actionable steps makes it less daunting and more of a reality.  mySomeday combines these two core elements for a inspiring but structured approach to achieving any goal. 

The Story

mySomeday.com is actually the result of the Founder, Joseph Satto, achieving his own Someday.  As a young boy, his father read him The Little Engine That Could almost every night.  The message stuck. 

Joseph, a lifelong dreamer, truly believed that he could achieve any dream with enough determination and the right plan. 

By 2007, Joseph had already realized a lot of his Somedays—becoming a golf instructor, a published travel writer and photographer, and a successful lawyer.  He decided that his next Someday would be to create a goal achievement platform to help others achieve their own Somedays.  In 2009, mySomeday.com went live.