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I Live In
Cambridge, MA
I'd Like To Be Living In
Cambridge, MA
(or Paris would be nice, too.)
My Dream Job
I'm not sure any more. It used to be singer-songwriter / poet. But now I'm realizing how much I love being immersed in other languages and traveling. I'm also very curious about speech and language and other topics, and I think someday I'd like to do research into those and perhaps other fields.
If Money Were No Object, I Would
On a personal scale, I'd:
Live in various places around the world long enough to learn the language, including France, Italy, Iceland, Japan, the Czech Republic, and the parts of Ireland where they still speak Irish. Get some fabulous custom-made clothes. Buy a concert harp and a grand piano. Take lots of lessons--voice, harp, language, yoga, Alexander technique.

On a world-scale I'd:
Somehow convert the world's infrastructure to be entirely sustainable.
Proudest Moment/Achievement
GAF2003: Performing solo to a large and enthusiastic crowd, most of whom I didn't know and who I couldn't see because the lights were so bright, and hearing them cheer and sing along to one of my songs out of the darkness.
2007: Becoming a member of my favorite band.
July 21, 2011: Being the opening act for Diane Cluck, a singer I have greatly admired for many years.
Most Interesting Travel Experience
Europe 2008: Germany-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Hungary-Italy-France-Germany. Whew!! The highlight of all highlights of this trip: Taking a nighttime walk in Prague, looking up the side of a hill (on which there was a vineyard) to see a restaurant with an open-air 2nd floor dance room. We heard tango music emanating from the restaurant up above, and then from below we looked up and could see shadows cast upon the ceiling of couples dancing the tango. It was such a beautiful moment. The most romantic thing I've ever experienced in my life.
Next Place I'll Visit
New Jersey
Favorite Quote
How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard

We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell
Biggest Influence(s)
Living, working, creative folks of all disciplines I've had the privilege of meeting/knowing
Favorite Luxury
Not having to cook
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Somedays (11)
move to Boston
move to Boston ...or the Boston area. My life is already there. It`s become ridiculous that I don`t already live there. 1 Cheers0 Nudges
record a solo album
record a solo album I made an EP in 2003, but it was pretty much thrown together with stuff that I happened to have recorded. I`m not very happy with it. I want to make a well put-together full-length album that I ca... 6 Cheers2 Nudges
publish a book of poetry
publish a book of poetry i`d like to publish a collection of poetry. 1 Cheers0 Nudges
be a Speech-Language Pathologist
be a Speech-Language Pathologist My Name, M.S., CCC-SLP

What a day that will be! It`s certainly taking long enough to get there. I started in 2006, going to school full-time. This probably won`t be achieved until 2011.
4 Cheers1 Nudges
speak French fluently
speak French fluently I love languages so much that I can`t seem to focus on one long enough to learn it fluently. I am farthest along in French, so I think it would be the best to set a goal of fluency for. 9 Cheers1 Nudges
make my own clothes
make my own clothes I`ve decided to embrace the seamstress in my blood. I`ve wanted to do this for years. Making my own clothes will open up a whole new world for me, practically, creatively, and economically. 8 Cheers0 Nudges
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