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I Live In
Brooklyn, New York
I'd Like To Be Living In
A bigger home with lots of sunlight.
My Dream Job
Fashion Designer and Published Author
If Money Were No Object, I Would
Travel the world,
Start a foundation,
Create my own fashion and home line,
Write and publish books,
Take photography classes, golf lessons, tennis lessons, cooking classes,
Buy properties around the world and pay in full,
Build shelters around the country,
Build wells and schools in developing countries,
Build and fund a non-profit organization,
Support orphans and provide scholarships to those in need,
Create a wellness spa

Greatest Risk Taken To Date
Embarking on a Career Change (for the 2nd time)
Proudest Moment/Achievement
Every step I take towards pursuing my dream(s).
Most Interesting Travel Experience
Traveling to India and visiting the Taj Mahal
Next Place I'll Visit
Favorite Quote
"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandi
Biggest Influence(s)
Favorite Luxury
International Travel
Spa Getaway
Cafe Mocha
Charitable Somedays Supported (1)
Somedays (10)
Create a Sustainable Fashion Line
Create a Sustainable Fashion Line I am creating my own sustainable women`s fashion line, which is a big dream of mine! It`s a big goal and a scary one, but I`m going for it! 1 Cheers0 Nudges
Live Abroad
Live Abroad I want to live abroad and travel the world. To do this, I want to live in Korea, France, and Austrailia with my family so that we can travel through Asia, Europe, and Austrailia. The first stop is... 1 Cheers0 Nudges
Declutter My Home
Declutter My Home Now that I have a new baby in my life, we`ve had to make room for all the new baby things. I`d like to declutter our home more so that we can have a more spacious and livable space. 1 Cheers0 Nudges
Learn to Crochet
Learn to Crochet I`d like to learn to crochet and complete a finished project. My first goal is to make a small amigurumi animal and then eventually complete a garment, such as baby booties or a cardigan. 2 Cheers0 Nudges
Knit a Cardigan
Knit a Cardigan I would like to knit a cardigan that fits me well. 1 Cheers2 Nudges
Lose All My Pregnancy Weight
Lose All My Pregnancy Weight I would like to lose all my pregnancy weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight this year.
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mySomeday is designed to help you achieve those goals and dreams you’ve always said you’d get to ‘Someday’. It was born from a universal truth; everyone has ‘somedays’ they want to realize. It was designed to address a universal reality; life, laziness or lack of know-how makes achievement elusive. ‘Plans’ are meant to address this gap between truth and reality. Whether you build your own original Plan or copy and customize an existing Expert or Community Plan, this detailed roadmap is meant to get you from start to finish. With a Plan, you can track your progress, set reminders and deadlines, get feedback from the community and much more. In addition to Plans, we hope that all of the elements of the site and the social connections that spring up will take people from idea, to plan, to partnership, and, ultimately, to achievement.
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