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I Live In
New York City
I'd Like To Be Living In
Costa Rica, San Francisco, Andorra, Vermont...NYC's not so bad either though ;)
My Dream Job
To practice psychotherapy in an academic setting/ to have my own private psychotherapy practice/to teach college/grad classes.
If Money Were No Object, I Would
Travel all over the world! Buy a self-sustaining farm with horses. Contribute lots of money to charities around the word particularly for education and micro-financing in third-world countries.
Greatest Risk Taken To Date
Attending college in the middle of the country...about 700 miles from NYC and home.
Proudest Moment/Achievement
Making the decision to take the plunge and go to grad school.
Most Interesting Travel Experience
Next Place I'll Visit
South America
Favorite Quote
"He who has a why to live can bear with any how."

"So shines a good deed in a weary world."
-Mr. Wonka

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?"

"Nil magnum nisi bonum" ("Without goodness there is no greatness")
Biggest Influence(s)
Lately it's been the Obama Family
Favorite Luxury
Eating out/traveling
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Somedays (13)
Visit my Friends in Chicago...Finally
Visit my Friends in Chicago...Finally I have several friends in Chicago (Michelle, Chris, Sean, Giff, et al) who I miss and need to visit. I`ve been putting it off because I`ve been so busy with school and work but I am going...
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish I really want to learn Spanish. I would like to study a bit here in the states and participate in an immersion program of sorts. 1 Cheers0 Nudges
Watch Elephants March into NYC
Watch Elephants March into NYC Every year the circus marches elephants into the city through the Midtown Tunnel at midnight. I would love to see this but I somehow always manage to miss it! I`m going to get a group of friends... 3 Cheers0 Nudges
Learn How to Make Clothes
Learn How to Make Clothes I would love to learn how to use a sewing machine...without seriously injuring myself. 9 Cheers2 Nudges
Improve my Public Speaking Skills
Improve my Public Speaking Skills I have never loved speaking in front of an audience - my anxiety usually gets the better of me. Because of this aversion I`ve avoided public speaking for as long as I can remember. I want to con... 2 Cheers1 Nudges
Check out Costa Rica
Check out Costa Rica I`ve heard so much great stuff about Costa Rica! The animals, the rain forest, the people, the volcanoes, the food - basically everything appeals to me. I need to go to this place. I really wan...
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