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I Live In
My body resides in DUMBO Brooklyn, but my heart lives in Manhattan.
I'd Like To Be Living In
...if not NYC, then somewhere in Europe.
My Dream Job
Doing something I love and making enough from that, not to worry about anything else.
If Money Were No Object, I Would
I wouldn't want anything.
Except maybe some ridiculous shoes.
And a home.
Greatest Risk Taken To Date
Quitting a job without having a back up plan. That was in my foolish youth or something I like to call my 20's.
Proudest Moment/Achievement
Hasn't happened yet....but you'll be the first to know when it does.
Most Interesting Travel Experience
Hope it hasn't happened yet. But, hiking on a glacier in Argentina was pretty amazing...
Next Place I'll Visit
Favorite Quote
It's not mean if it's true.
Biggest Influence(s)
People that mean what they say and say what they mean.
Favorite Luxury
good shoes.
good wine.
as of late....HEALTH INSURANCE.
Charitable Somedays Supported (2)
Somedays (7)
Volunteer with a NY Charity
Volunteer with a NY Charity Someone I know (and respect) on the site had posted a plan and completed it. It made me think about how I am giving back to my community...I realized that I am not, and I should be. 1 Cheers1 Nudges
launch my own website!
launch my own website! I have this idea...for a online store and definitely think putting it in writing may help me get started..... 3 Cheers0 Nudges
learn how to drive a stick (manual) car!
learn how to drive a stick (manual) car! I have a learner`s permit, (haha) I know how to drive an automatic and a scooter. But, I have never had a stick shift, until now! I`d like to be able to jump in the car, put the top dow... 4 Cheers1 Nudges
open a bed and breakfast
open a bed and breakfast ideally this sounds like a dream come true to me. Hosting people in my home. 1 Cheers1 Nudges
learn to knit
learn to knit I've always be interested in all things creative and knitting produces an original product that I can actually wear. 1 Cheers0 Nudges
be my own boss.
be my own boss. not sure about the details....but it's somewhere over that rainbow..... 0 Cheers1 Nudges
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