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I Live In
I'd Like To Be Living In
It's a tug of war between where I am now and moving back to New York City.

I also think I'd fit in well in the Pacific NW--maybe Seattle or Portland...
My Dream Job
Travel writer/photographer, Author

Working for "This American Life," "re: sound," "Sound Opinions," or "All Songs Considered" on Chicago Public Radio
If Money Were No Object, I Would
Photograph. Write. Host a radio show. Become a multi-instrumentalist. Learn how to sing. Be in a band.
See the entire world, but still with the ideals of a backpacker. Live for awhile in the places I ended up liking most. Help whoever I could while there, humans and animals alike.
More specifically:
*road trip around the entire U.S., spending a significant amount of time in each state
*backpack throughout South America
*go on an African safari
*swim with turtles in the Galapagos
*see the whales in Patagonia
*go on an ancestral search through Russia, Romania, Hungary and Poland
*Costa Rican rainforest--mostly to observe the wildlife/insects and also to go zip-lining
Greatest Risk Taken To Date
Proudest Moment/Achievement
So far...

Getting photos published in JPG Magazine twice in four months.
Being asked to display my photos in a group show at a legit gallery
Most Interesting Travel Experience
A three-week-long cross-country roadtrip with my best friend, where we intended on camping, but, for unforeseen circumstances, ended up spending most nights sleeping in my minivan. So many hilarious encounters and unplanned adventures along the way. I'd do this trip again (through the other states) in a heartbeat.

-hiking up Mt. Masada at 3:45 in the morning, in order to get to the top for the sunrise
-floating in the Dead Sea (i couldn't wrap my mind around that until i actually did it)

-eating a lot of "chicken pie," which we later found out was "pigeon pie." oh, accents.
-having a robed man chase me down the street shrieking and yelling at me about being American and then smacking me.
Next Place I'll Visit
Tanzania (April 6-May 4)
Favorite Quote
"The only good thing about not seeing you is that I can write you letters."
"The life I love is making music with my friends and I just can't wait to get on the road again"
Biggest Influence(s)
Studs Terkel, John Lennon, William Eggleston, Andreas Gursky, Jane Goodall, Tony Romano, Gary Anderson, Sol Adler, my parents, my sister, my best friends
Favorite Luxury
Chubby Hubby ice cream.
Charitable Somedays Supported (3)
Somedays (10)
perform in Get Mortified
perform in Get Mortified I`ve seen this show several times now, and it never ceases to crack me up. I believe I have prime material that would fit in perfectly with the show`s concept and want to be a part of it. www.getm... 5 Cheers0 Nudges
experience all 50 states
experience all 50 states Sometimes I`m overwhelmed with the enormity and vastness of my own country. I want to spend some amount of time in each state to get a feel for all their individual quirks. 5 Cheers0 Nudges
complete my 5th half marathon
complete my 5th half marathon I have completed three half marathons with Team SuperSibs! in Chicago and one half marathon in NYC. This year I want to train to run as much of the race as I can...instead of walking most of it li...
go to Africa
go to Africa Ever since Okado showed our 3rd grade class a video of him with family in Kenya, I`ve dreamed about going to Africa where the animal kingdom roams free. 2 Cheers0 Nudges
learn how to ballroom dance
learn how to ballroom dance I`ve been a dancer since age 2 and have learned ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, pointe, lyrical and salsa. I`ve always been envious of people who can move together and think ballroom would be ... 1 Cheers1 Nudges
become a multi-instrumentalist
become a multi-instrumentalist I don`t think I could live without music. Therefore I want to go beyond just being a listener to becoming an actual musician. At two different time periods of my life I played the cello for a few... 2 Cheers1 Nudges
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